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Got a tiny bit of time to myself while we were at my wife’s mother’s house for the Easter weekend. Used a little bit of it for working on Hel’s BELLEs, a little bit for some Zombie Dice (which my sister and her husband gave me for Christmas this weekend; we gave them Archaeology: the Card Game) and a single very relaxing game of Equilibrion. That would be Urbion to most folks, but being as I live in Northern Ontario, and as I picked it up right away, I wound up with one of the early editions, when Shadi Torbey was still calling it by its original name. The first couple times I played this, when I first picked it up, it gave me a lot of trouble, but in hindsight I have to wonder if I was just really distracted. Because it seems just as smooth and easy as Onirim now. Go figure.

Anyway, its a solid little solitaire game, although it seems a little more beatable than Onirim so far. Could be I need to introduce some of the (included!) expansions already. Also haven’t had the chance to try it two-player. Maybe at some point down the line. If I do, I’ll try to remember to mention it, and pass on any impressions I get. For now, I’ll just say that if you’re looking for a quick solitaire game that you can play when you find a quiet moment, Urbion’s a pretty sweet option.