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Necromunda – Statuesque ‘Eschers’

The very day I was leaving town to visit a friend of mine, what should arrive in the mail? My Frostgrave: Ghost Archipelago Nickstarter, courtesy of Bad Squiddo Games. F:GA will make a larger appearance in some future posts, no doubt, but the reason I went with Bad Squiddo was to add in a few additional miniatures, including a couple of Statuesque miniatures for use with my very unofficial Escher gang.

Rosa the machinegunner was first to get built upon my return to the frozen North, and of course I opted to do some pinning. Her joints varied from a light ball/socket treatment to flat pairs, and I don’t like to take chances. Plus I generally enjoy pinning. That said, Rosa is not a big model (Statuesque is a true scale sort of deal), so we went with staples. Having a smaller bit has been wonderful in terms of being able to pin truescale miniatures without putting them at huge risk (some of my Infinity miniatures are almost more pin than model at some joints).

Fortunately the staples have some give to them (just like the copper wire I use for bigger pinning jobs) so the opposed angles of the arm and wrist didn’t prevent this from working at all. That said, I was definitely wishing I’d thought the angles through a little more before starting.

Yep, those are standard office staples. Should give you an indication of how thin those limbs are.

I’m definitely pleased with the end result. Rosa is a mini I looked at ages ago when I first started looking into Necromunda, but looking at only a couple of miniatures direct from Statuesque meant shipping was going to hurt a little too much too justify. Not that it was outrageously high, but split across only a couple of minis it just didn’t go far enough for me.

I also picked up a second Statuesque mini for use as an Escher juve:

I’ve got lots of gangers and quite a number of heavy options, but I’m pretty short on appropriate juve miniatures, so I’m looking to increase my options there. I also picked a up a couple of girls hauling guns and teddy bears from Hasslefree, but no doubt they’ll make an appearance later.


Necromunda: Meet the Saxon Violets! Helena ‘Helkat’ Katzenjammer


Name: Helena ‘Helkat’ Katzenjammer
Rank: Heavy
Primary Weapon(s): Heavy Stubber
Current Miniature: One Shot Blondie, by Raging Heroes.
Why she’s featured: I painted her tonight.
Notes: I am thus far not very good with Helkat. I leave her out in the open, I forget she can’t move *and* shoot, I set her up poorly… Hopefully I can get the hang of her soon. She has avoided getting taken out, but hasn’t been doing nearly enough to earn her cut.
As per usual, I am hoping that being painted will make all the difference for her, and am looking forward to the next session in a couple weeks (I was unable to attend tonight).

Necromunda: Meet the Saxon Violets! ‘Hurricane’ Amy Reynolds


Name: ‘Hurricane’ Amy Reynolds
Rank: Ganger (formerly Amy the juve)
Primary Weapon(s): Chainsaw (Chainsword)
Current Miniature: Louise (b), by Hasslefree Miniatures.
Why she’s featured: Oh, the anticipation!
Notes: Hurricane Amy has yet to get into close combat, but every experience upgrade she gets leaves her better prepared for it. Once a young and inexperienced juve worth a knife and an autopistol, she now weilds a chainsword. While she is still only Weapon Skill 2 (she lacks technique), she makes up for it in sheer raging energy, with 3 attacks, Combat Master (bonuses for multiple opponents), and Disarm (50/50 chance of destroying an enemy’s weapon as combat begins). I feel like she should be devastating… if I can just get her in there. I used the vents last time, and certainly got much closer; I’ll have try that again.

Necromunda: Meet the Saxon Violets – Jael ‘Jailbird’ Nightingale


Name: Jael ‘Jailbird’ Nightingale
Rank: Ganger
Primary Weapon(s): Autogun
Current Miniature: Pilot Hayden, by Hasslefree Miniatures.
Why she’s featured: This is a great miniature.
Notes: The shortest of the Violets, Jailbird’s mini is from Hasslefree’s ‘Grymn’ line, which are basically space dwarves. I just couldn’t resist finding a home for this miniature; there’s so much character here, and the details are great (haven’t finished painting yet, but note the cyberjack-looking bits by her left ear).
As a Saxon Violets, however, she hasn’t accomplished too much. She’s mostly been backup, supporting whichever Violet finds herself overwhelmed. Not a bad thing, but not very razzle-dazzle, if you will. I’m likely to only get another game or two squeezed in before the end of the campaign, so I’ll have to really push her to give her all.
Hopefully, making some painting progress will help with that.

Necromunda: the Saxon Violets WIP


Decided to work on a few Violets simultaneously last night. Didn’t finish any of them, but I feel like all of them are to a point that fielding them will be easier (it can be awkward discerning who’s who when everybody is just primed, but I’ve only had this one evening to paint over the last couple weeks, and the other guys have been cool about it). At some point I will give each Violet her own ‘meet’ post, but for now here’s some minimal details.
So, on the left with the chainsaw (chainsword), Hurricane Amy.


Previously just Amy the juve, she recently became a ganger. A terrible weapon skill but great combat skills, she’s pretty unpredictable.
Next, in the background you can see Patricia the juve.


She hasn’t had a chance to do much besides survive her first fight. This miniature was previously used to represent Beth (Bettie Rage when she was still just a juve).
Next up is Jael ‘Jailbird’ Nightingale.


Less useless than a some in class combat, but I’m still keeping her as primarily a shooter for now. The shortest of the Violets, and basically a little bundle of kill; she doesn’t take crap from nobody.
Finally, Bettie Rage (formerly Beth the juve), who has already been given a meet and greet post.


She’s not a gunfighter, so she can only use one of her bolt pistols at a time, but she’s a little free with the ammo at times, and doesn’t want to run out.
Since I’m working with the three right now, they all got the same skin tone. The next batch will be different. Especially since these three prompted my wife to ask why I always paint Caucasians. Which is not 100% true, but close enough to be a valid query. I figured largely because it’s the paint colours I have, but also partly because I kind of have the hang of it to some degree (I have no idea how my attempts at darker skin tones will turn out), and partly just habit, I think. I started with GW space marines, and their genetically engineered fluff sort of implies minimal variance (I’ve occasionally wondered if I should technically be more consistent with their hair colours…)
Anyway, her response to my limited paint colours was that it’s too bad I don’t work at a place that I can buy more paints (which of course I do…), so I’m going to jump on this opportunity to pick up some new skin tones. Whenever that happens, expect some fresh new variety!
Which hopefully I won’t be terrible at. Grin.

Necromunda: Meet the Saxon Violets! Beth, AKA ‘Bettie’ Rage


Bettie Rage, primed.

Name: Bettie Rage
Rank: Ganger
Primary Weapon(s): 2x Bolt Pistols
Current Miniature: Summer (b), by Hasslefree Miniatures.
Why she’s featured: Formerly known simply as Beth, Bettie is the first juve to become a full fledged ganger by virtue of her own efforts.
Notes: Previously represented by Hasslefree’s ‘Brooke’ miniature (which has now been reassigned to Patricia), Bettie has been a valuable part of the gang from the get go. She’s taken the leader of the Street Judges out of action once, and has twice used her quick legs to sprint loot out of contested areas.


Eva Destruction, Beth, and the late Polly 'Pulper'


Former Beth, now Patricia.

Necromunda: Meet the Saxon Violets! Eva Destruction

As previously mentioned, I recently had my first game of Necromunda, and a definite MVP (MVG?) made herself known to her rivals in the Legion of Doom.


Name: Eva Destruction
Rank: Heavy
Primary Weapon(s): Flame
Current Miniature: Yoko the Psycho, by Raging Heroes.
Why she’s featured:
With only one Gang Fight under her belt, Eva has already begun to make a name for herself among the gangs of Port Thunder. During the Saxon Violets’ first run in with the Goliaths of the Legion of Doom, she stepped out onto a balcony and unleashed a torrent of fire into the street below, where she took the Goliath leader out of the fight and set two gangers on fire. This pretty directly prompted the bottling of the Legion of Doom, and thus victory for the Saxon Violets.
Notes: Eva is obviously not painted yet, but how was assembly? A little tricky, certainly, but not unreasonable, especially once I realized the rear side of her flamethrower is molded to fit snugly against her body (until that realization, the fact that both arms were unattached seemed insane). Since that join takes all of the strain off the arms I opted to pin it, just to be on the safe side. Her left arm also got a short pin inserted, although it is much less obvious. I’m basing via the same methods I usually use for infinity, but have opted for some ‘lava’ bases I had lying around. Clipped the slotta base down to a pair of pins, drilled a couple holes in the resin base, and voila!  I’m going to try and make them look sludgy and wet for an underhive feel; we’ll see how that goes as I progress!