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Frostgrave – Balance and Faking Games

Not everybody in our Frostgrave group can make it to every game, and some guys are only able to make it out once or twice in several games. This generally means that they are doomed to some degree (eventually if not right away). To combat our inconsistent availability, I developed the Frostgrave Faker, a quick chart that stimulates game results from a Warband Development perspective. Experience, money, and gear, randomly generated using the same d20 you use for your game.


So far it seems to work pretty well; the d20 gives it that familiar Frostgrave swing and the results seem slightly low average (obviously we don’t want missing a game to be more beneficial than playing it, grin). We mostly play 3-player games, so this might have more of less swing built in than some groups of different sizes. Averages should theoretically be similar, though.
Feel free to try it out and leave some feedback, I didn’t have as much raw data as would have been useful so hearing back from other players would be very helpful!

Shaking up 40k

Most Sundays, I get together with a bunch of other guys at the local university for some 40k. Lots of funis the usual prognosis, but we’ve lately been feeling like things have been getting a wee bit stale. Most of us only have one army (and the guys with more than one usually prefer one by a wide margin), which means we end up fighting some of the same battles over and over again. And since one of our tau players insists on bringing three riptides to every single big point game, it’s gotten even worse; space marine armies are mostly terminators and lascannons, eldar are all wraithblanks, you get the picture.
So we’re building an escalation campaign, with bonuses over time to surviving units, strategic assets as objectives that will eventually grant bonuses themselves, and semi randomized matchups as we secretly declare our intended targets and then reveal them to find out who will be fighting on which planets. Everybody has a 3000pt, 2FOC army pool from which all of their lists must be drawn, and I think this is going to be super fantastic. I think we’re starting tomorrow.
And after this campaign? I’m hoping for cities of death next.