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Frostgrave: Ghost Archipelago – Occepa by Freebooter

Back in late November, I painted a Freebooter’s Fate amazon and promised another would follow. Perhaps this looks familiar?

Occepa’s on the right…

I actually got Occepa almost done, but then got sidetracked with other projects. She’s been sitting, partly finished, at the edge of my workspace. Taunting me a little. So tonight I finished her up. We’ll start at the beginning, though.

Occepa is a brilliant if awfully fidgety miniature. Lots of individual bits and pieces takes in a very cool model, but also lots of tiny crevasses and hard to reach surfaces.

She also looks gloriously sturdy. This is a woman you could imagine donning crocodile armour and washing into a melee. I did a lot of paint mixing for this one, so I don’t remember what all of the various painted were that I used, but that’s my old standby Vallejo Red Leather.

Try to imagine the process of painting the underside of that tail and the back of her ‘skirt’. Ugh.

Getting to the mouth and hair here. Finally very little primer showing (mostly in this aforementioned nooks and crannies).

That crocodile head ‘helm’ is huge, and definitely limits the angles from which you can even see her face. This is the point at which I’d left off before. I suspect I had a way and some drybrushing done, but it’s not very clear where I’ve started and the other begins, so I did those aspects all over again tonight.

You see? From the wrong (or right?) angle, she looks more like an anthropomorphic croc. This time around I drybrushed in a few, progressively lighter tones and I feel like it served as a nice halfway point between basic drybrushing and highlighting (still not a big fan of highlighting, especially where my own miniatures are concerned).


I did a tiny bit of highlighting after this, but this is pretty much the finished product. Occepa is finished, and will now be entered into the local shop’s monthly painting contest, where she’ll remain on display for the next couple months convincing people (I hope) to check out these Frostgrave games.

Until next time! (I have a bunch of half finished entries here so hopefully it shouldn’t take too long!

eclipse? survive!


Board games tonight with some of the Pathfinder crew. Started with a nice little 3-hour game of Eclipse, and then wrapped up with a couple games of Survive! Eclipse first…

Second time playing Eclipse, and I like it, but it’s huge. Lots to do, lots to think about, and it takes a few hours. On top of that, definitely seems the sort of game where the only way to really speed it up is to get more familiar with it, which is hard to do when you need to sink so much time into a game. I made some good decisions, and some bad decisions (especially during the endgame), and came in a close third. Out of three, so not amazing, but I didn’t get trounced, either. We were actually fairly close. DM took the plant-species and won, Wizard took the cyborgs, and I lost as the zombie-monsters from beyond the stars. If we get another game in before too long, I hope I can do better.

Survive! has been on my to-play list for ages, but tonight was the first time I ever got to play a game. Really liked it. Clever but fairly simple, and pretty well paced, with a lot of room to play it differently. Our first game was pretty relaxed, and the second was much more vicious. Pretty awesome that it worked so well in both instances. Really a game that can be as cutthroat as you want it to be.

I’ve been trying to cobble together a complete game for a while now, and I found an almost complete copy a few weeks ago; between that and what I already had I was able to put together a full game, with tons of leftover bits and pieces. Enough for the 5-6 player variants that the rerelease makes possible (I just spray painted a couple people sets green and blue). We just had three of us tonight, but I look forward to trying some bigger, more ridiculous games…