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Frostgrave – Meet the Headtakers: Wren the Unseen

Name: Wren the Unseen
Soldier Type: Human Ranger
Formerly: Archer

Miniature: GW Wood Elves Waywatcher
Backstory: A hunter from a small village near Felstad. In the early days of the thaw, the village was overrun by the undead and almost everybody was killed or turned. Wren, then a lowly archer, held out in a loft, where he was eventually discovered/rescued by a Barbarian named Anja. Anja would eventually introduce Wren to mercenary work. Since then he’s worked primarily with Beatrice and Tannhauser.
He met Alistair more recently at an archery competition held shortly after a sudden change in local government. Since they are both recruited by She (Who Will Not be Named), Wren has been training Alistair in the use of his view, while simultaneously training with Anja in close combat techniques.

Frostgrave – Meet the Headtakers: Morrigan

Name: Morrigan
Soldier Type: Apprentice Necromancer

Miniature: old Reaper miniature, necromancer?
Backstory: The eldest child of a shaman from one of the prominent barbarian tribes to the Southwest of Felstad, Morrigan was expected to do great things. She has real talent for magic and wizardry, but is a bit obsessed with the darker aspects of the Art, aspects *not* embraced by her tribe. Her less talented brother was named the shaman’s apprentice because of this obsession, leaving Morrigan without further training. When She (Who Will Not be Named) traveled through the region, Morrigan thought she sensed a bit of a kindred spirit and latched on immediately. While Morrigan is a little on the intense side, she is a devoted follower with an almost desperate need to learn.

Anja’s cousin, Morrigan also had previous dealings with Rikkits, who she occasionally hired to obtain items she couldn’t get her hands on through normal channels.

Frostgrave – Meet the Headtakers: Skrixx Aeon’k

Name: Skrixx Aeon’k
Soldier Type: Scaled Folk Knight
Formerly: Thug


The real question is always whether they'll die before I can finish painting them...

Miniature:  GW Skink Chief
Backstory: A mercenary from the Southlands lying beyond the Hellstorm Seas, Skrixx is an oddity in the North. In the Southlands, Skrixx Aeon’k was a promising young warrior, the direct scion of a prominent tribal elder. He was skilled in combat, if  a bit reckless, his greatest weakness being a steadfast refusal to think before he acted. As one might expect, this flaw would inevitably be his downfall.

Cursed by a shaman in his homelands in a twisted act of vengeance, Skrixx’s blood runs hot throughout his body. He came North to cool his body and prevent his imminent death, preferring the exile of his own design over the slow death planned for him by the shaman. He’s worked previously with both Beatrice and Jaeger in the regions immediately surrounding Felstad.

Frostgrave – Meet the Headtakers: Ekaterina

Name: Ekaterina Dragunova
AKA: Katie the Wolf
Soldier Type: Human Treasure Hunter
Miniature: Kalyna from Hasslefree Miniatures (HFH085)
Backstory: Ekaterina was abducted and ransomed at a very young age by bandits. Her family couldn’t – or wouldn’t – pay, and the bandit assigned to be her executioner couldn’t bring himself to complete his task. He abandoned her in the woods, instead, expecting that the end result would be basically the same.

Shortly after being abandoned she found a wolf cub in a snare, and not really knowing any better at such a young age, she freed it. The cub’s mother was nearby, and spared Ekaterina. Whether this initial act was gratitude or pity would never be entirely clear to the child; as she grew older Ekaterina came to believe that maybe her adoptive ‘mother’ had just realised what a powerful ally a tame human would be. Of course, as it turns out, an angry, abandoned young girl raised by wolves is anything but tame.

Eventually Ekaterina would rejoin society, and even be recognized for who she was (she would have been the spitting image of her mother if not for the terribly cold eyes of her father and some hard edges courtesy of her feral upbringing). Abandoning the birth name that she had long since forgotten, she found a new home in the urban underground, hiring herself out as a mercenary. She had worked with Rikkits before he began running with Xaalia’s crew; Xaalia never felt comfortable working with her and avoided hiring her. Loads of natural talent, and all the moral ambiguity one might expect from a terror raised among wolves, but a lack of respect for other people in general means that Katie the Wolf is undisciplined, and rarely takes direction well. She can be loyal to a fault, but the few that have ever managed to take advantage of that trait met their own ends badly enough that often only the truly desperate will hire her.

Morrigan suggested her as a potential replacement for Rikkits after his untimely demise, and Xaalia reluctantly put She in touch.

Frostgrave – the Total Eclipse


Just two of us this time, the Headtakers vs the Coldsnaps (Chris’ Crew has a name! They were the Resurrection in the previous report). Both of our wizards wanted the big payout this time (maybe it was all that untold power we could feel coursing through our veins during the eclipse?), so it was another fantastically bloody battle!


Moving up the right were Morrigan, Skrixx Aeon’k, Beatrice and Jaeger. It was Jaeger’s first hunt since his bad injury sidelined him, so he was not taking it slow.


She (Who Will Not be Named), Xaalia, and Katie the Wolf advanced up the left; Alistair, Prince of Shadows was right behind them. The darkness falling over Felstad as a result of the eclipse limited his effectiveness as an archer, so he had to advance much earlier than usual. He just wasn’t going to accomplish anything from the backfield today. Anja and Reichenbach tore up the midfield and settled in behind the Mermaid Inn & Tavern.


The next turn was a big one for both the Headtakers and the Coldsnaps, as we each began to dominate a different portion of the board. Katie the Wolf and Xaalia (wielding Dreamcrusher) both charged Gunderson as part of She’s wizard phase. The didn’t have enough to attack right away, but were both able to get into contact simultaneously.
Bearchest was tucked behind the Mermaid’s outhouse, trying to keep out of Alistair’s sightline, when Anja and Reichenbach charged in from either side; Anja felled him in one swing.


On the other side of the block, things were going much less well for the Headtakers. The Coldsnaps’ apprentice phase brought a lot of opportunity for them, and their dice made the most of that opportunity. Bagley ran in and took Beatrice down before anybody even had time to react. Jaeger and Skrixx had both gone after treasure while Beatrice had approached the bridge; Jaeger was at the wrong end of the bridge when things went south and Skrixx was just out of reach… he couldn’t get involved fast enough.


Morrigan set herself up with some bad sightlines, but was able to see Theo (Swarthy’s replacement) and lock him in place with a Bones of the Earth. It gave Anja and Reichenbach a chance to close in, but Anja dropped her guard and Theo was able to kill poor Reichenbach when the hound went to attack.


Jaeger tried to back Morrigan up against Dean (hired to replace Blondie), but Bagley ran up and joined in, taking Jaeger out of the game before he could impact the situation at all. The treasure he dropped would remain on the board until the battle’s conclusion.


Anja refused to back down, even when she got swarmed by a summoned zombie and Baldy the archer. Despite their perceived advantage, she just kept swinging her magic axe, riding her Strength buff to multiple victories. I need to make use of the Strength spell more often. She also got lucky; after she lost a round of combat to Baldy (weak efforts on both parts meant no injuries at all), he took the opportunity to retreat a step… She wasn’t far away and Struck him Dead with a word.


Truman was charged by wolves; Horny Pete ran and saved himself, and Truman the apprentice Witch went down in a flurry of teeth and claws. It wasn’t pretty.


Much of the endgame came down to this disastrous mess here. Before his death Truman had cast a Plague of Insects on She (Who Will Not be Named), and it wound up affecting this entire melee. Anja was barely able to stand when she hacked Dean’s legs out from under him, and moments later was knocked senseless by Bagley. She (Who Will Not be Named) managed to separate herself from the Bagley as the wolves joined the fray.

By now Katie the Wolf had left hauling treasure, but Xaalia dropped hers to come and support the Necromancer She. Horny Pete was approaching from the other direction. Bagley defended himself against the wolves, but She cast Strike Dead again, this time on Pete. Alone now, Bagley was set upon by Xaalia and torn up pretty badly. As the only survivors left on the board, She and Xaalia collected the remaining treasures…

Niynt Mae, Year of the Scaled Phoenix
-under the Solar Eclipse

the Coldsnaps (formerly the Resurrection)
Lazarus the Arcane One, Witch, Health Stolen by She (Who Will Not be Named)
Bagley, treasure hunter, cut down by Anja
Baldy, archer, Struck Dead by She
Gunderson, thief, stabbed by Katie the Wolf
Theo, ranger, dragged under by the Bones of the Earth
Dean, ranger, axed by Anja
Horny Pete, archer, Struck Dead by She
Badly Wounded:
Truman, apprentice Witch, mauled by wolves
Bagley, treasure hunter, thrashed by Xaalia
Podrick, apothecary, slashed by Katie the Wolf

The Headtakers
Wren the Unseen, ranger, badly wounded  at the Eldritch Fields
Morrigan, Apprentice Necromancer, knocked down by Dean
Anja, Captain, knocked senseless by Bagley
Jaeger, barbarian, slashed by Bagley
Alistair, archer, nicked by Dean
Badly Wounded:
Beatrice, infantryman, stabbed by Bagley
Reichenbach, war hound, killed by Theo


He died doing what he loved... biting people.

Frostgrave – Meet the Headtakers: Reichenbach

Name: Reichenbach
Soldier Type: War Hound


Miniature: old Mordheim hound

Backstory: Reichenbach is a grizzled old hound with a long career behind him, especially for a war hound. Down to one eye and mostly deaf, Reichenbach is still surprisingly fast, and has no problem keeping up with Anja, who saw a familiar look in this retired dog’s lone eye and decided he needed to be in the thick of it once more. He doesn’t likely have a lot more battles left ahead of him, but he seems glad of every one.

Frostgrave – Meet the Headtakers – Anja

Name: Anja
Soldier Type: Human Captain
Formerly: Barbarian
Miniature:  Hasslefree’s Sana (HFH063)

Backstory: Anja is Morrigan’s older cousin. She travels and adventures most of the time, while maintaining ties with some of her family. Years of wandering mean that she’s covered a lot of ground and made many contacts; Wren’s father was one of these (he was a trader). She used to pass through Wren’s village every couple of years, and had adventured with with his elder brothers. It was during one of these trips through the region that she stumbled upon the undead incursion and took it upon herself to return the ghouls to their everlasting rest. Unfortunately, Wren was the only survivor she found in the entire village.

While they were never especially close, Anja did always find her younger, weirder cousin to be entertaining, and so touched base every once in a while if she found herself near home. Anja was hired by Morrigan directly.

Frostgrave – Meet the Headtakers: Jaeger

Name: Jaeger the Blade
Soldier Type: Human Barbarian
Formerly: Infantryman


Everybody is a WIP in this game! Grin.

Miniature: Jholkar of Bolverk from Hasslefree
Backstory: Jaeger grew up in the same northern tribe as Beatrice. They both trained as Infantrymen together before striking out to earn their adulthoods in the South. Upon arriving in the region surrounding Felstad they worked primarily with a member of the Scaled Folk known as Skrixx Aeon’k. Eventually Jaeger’s own strengths showed themselves to differ from Beatrice’s, and they split up for a while to gone their individual skill sets. It was during this stretch that Jaeger worked with Rikkits and Xaalia.

Frostgrave – the Stars are Wrong

Three-player Frostgrave this past Monday. The Headtakers, the Brass Knuckles, and the Resurrection (my temporary name for Chris’s Crew), facing off in the ‘Stars are Wrong’ scenario from the Sellsword expansion.


Went with a ‘lower’  battlefield than usual, without so many raised catwalks, just used a lot of terrain that was closer to the ground. I started in the graveyard corner largely because I often start in that corner; it worked out well in terms of treasure and freedom of movement, but also left me open to a lot of early ranged fire.


Those wrought iron fences don’t do much to block line of sight. Xaalia snagged some treasure early only to do it again for Skrixx Aeon’k to carry off, which freed her up to grab another. Wren the Unseen settled in behind a mausoleum and found himself a nice line of fire through the West Gate, while Alistair fired down the left side of the board at the Brass Knuckles Captain, Nicholas. Morrigan used Bones of the Earth to lock down Carl “Notch” O’Leary, a Brass Knuckles marksman who hadn’t yet had the opportunity to move.
I did this thinking it would lock him down, but in rereading the wording of the spell it very specifically points out that it prevents movement, and doesn’t technically state that the model is in combat, just that combat must be attempted to break free. With that in mind, we opted to allow non-move actions, so he wasn’t quite so locked down as I’d wanted, but it did the trick.

Later during that first turn, Notch would loose a crossbow bolt in my general direction but fail to hit me. During the second turn he opted to free himself rather than reload – “I’ll just hack this thing off” was the phrasing – and Bones of the Earth promptly rolled a natural 20. Even with Fight +0, it was enough to take an already injured Marksman right out of the game. During the End of Game rolls, Carl ‘Notch’ O’Leary would narrowly avoid death, having been Badly Wounded by the skeletal hand (dragged beneath the earth, I assume).

She (Who Will not be Named) spent her first turn using her Casting Gloves to cast Power Word [Strike Dead], and with her second turn got a fairly devastating Strike Dead in on Chris’ Witch (Lazarus, the Arcane One). Lazarus immediately used a Ring of Teleportation to get as far from She as he possibly could.

She would later be Badly Wounded via electrocution; an Eldritch bolt hit her hard and she failed to stay standing. This was a particularly bloody battle in general. A fair bit of treasure made it off the board cleanly, but the last few dragged every remaining soldier into the fray. If you didn’t leave with treasure, you didn’t leave at all.

Standouts for the Headtakers included Alastair and Anja. Alistair survived two Eldritch bolts, shot down two Brass Knuckles (including taking the fingers off Joey, the apprentice), and even managed to snag a treasure.

Anja – now Captain Anja – was a whirlwind this game, working around the battlefield with Reichenbach (the dog) and taking down five enemy soldiers before succumbing to injuries. She also managed to shift a treasure during the midgame, getting it into a better position to be carried off by one of her men. Reichenbach provided excellent support, and both Anja and her faithful mutt made full recoveries.

Wren the Unseen also managed to do some solid damage, taking out a Resurrection thief and the Brass Knickles’ Captain, but unfortunately not making it any further than that; Horny Pete of the Resurrection shot him down from a nearby tower. The injury was fairly serious, and Wren will be missing the next foray into Felstad.

Secunda Mae, Year of the Scaled Phoenix
-at the Eldritch fields

Brass Knuckles
Colin the Blue, Enchanter, cut down by Swarthy
Nicholas, Captain, stabbed by Wren the Unseen
Gary Sinese, archer, shot by Alistair
Raul ‘Lightfoot’Smith, tracker, shot by Horny Pete
Badly Wounded:
Timothy ‘Relic’ Dalton, treasure hunter, gouged by Anja
Dave ‘Deadshot’ Franco, archer, mysteriously knocked out, probably in a big messy rumble between the Brass Knuckles and the Resurrection over a treasure
Carl ‘Notch’ O’Leary, marksman, dragged under the stones by the Bones of the Earth
Permanent Injuries:
Joey, Apprentice Enchanter, fingers shot off by Alistair

the Resurrection
Truman, apprentice Witch, knocked out by Timothy Dalton
Bagley, treasure hunter, cut down by Anja
Baldy, archer, knocked down by Anja
Gunderson, thief, shot by Wren the Unseen
Badly Wounded:
Bearchest, barbarian, cut down by Anja
Podrick, apothecary, axed by Anja
Swarthy, ranger, stabbed by Captain Nicholas
Blondie, ranger, slashed by Timothy Dalton

The Headtakers
Jaeger, badly wounded  at the Well of Dreams and Sorrows
Morrigan, Apprentice Necromancer, shot by Raul ‘Lightfoot’ Smith
Anja, Captain, knocked out by Lightfoot
Reichenbach, war hound, knocked out by Lightfoot
Badly Wounded:
She, Necromancer, electrocuted by Eldritch bolts
Wren the Unseen, ranger, shot by Horny Pete