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Long time, no see… my hell pit abomination, that is!

That’s right, it’s time for a little change of pace here at rats east. It’s been ages, but I finally did a little painting, making a bit of progress on the hell pit abomination that I haven’t touched in months.


Cleaned up some armour plating...


painted some wood and metal bits...


and I warpstoned up some spikes!

The spikes are just a really bright green over black, the same method as I used when I put warpstone armour on my warlord. The paint is nothing special (apple brand, perhaps?); that’s it brushed onto my workspace in the bottom left of all the photos.
The metal is done with some vallejo ‘oily steel’ that my wife got me for Christmas (first time using it!) and the wood is some gw base colour that sounds like a droid from an old republic game (kv88, maybe? No real idea, really). I’m looking forward to adding some diluted green, along with some other brown shades and some washes, and seeing what kind of effects I can get. Till next time!

Hell Pit Abomination WIP II / Throt Conversion

I *did* end up going lighter! Here’s a couple of quick shots to show the abomination’s paint job taking shape…


Also on this weekend’s project list was building myself a Throt the Unclean for Sunday’s game, a 1000pts faceoff to which I took a lot of rat ogres.


9 rat ogres in 1000pts! Wham!

Throt came out pretty well. Totally unpainted so far, but the modelling is okay. Had to shave off a shoulder and turn some clothing into fur with my knife, but I likes.


Oh, and can I just say I love working with plastic?


Warhammer fantasy the last couple of Sundays. Last week first. I took a unit of about 6 rat ogres, Queek Headtaker and a unit of his elite stormvermin, a warlock engineer, clanrats, a warp lightning cannon, and my newest addition, a hell pit abomination. It was me and a high elf unit vs goblins and vampire counts. My skaven were primarily up against the goblins.
My setup was terrible, and I locked my abomination behind my own ratling gun,  preventing him from accomplishing anything during the first turn. I forgot marching was a thing, too, so I didn’t a advance very far on the first turn. My rat ogres spent the first couple turns getting shot to pieces and then hit by goblin fanatics; they actually accomplished very little. There were however some high points. I did have a doomrocket land almost perfectly on a unit of goblin spider riders (if they’re called that) hitting 19 and killing 17. And while the rat ogres (and then abomination) were getting shot to pieces, Queek’s stormvermin type through the bulk of the goblin army. The abomination did eventually make itself useful, tearing apart some night goblins in the third or fourth turn.


This past Sunday’s game was a little bit rougher. Our scenario required rolling a die for each unit; 1’s would come in via reserves. I had 10 units, not counting my gutter runners (who would start as reserves anyways) and managed to roll five 1’s. So I started with Ikit Claw, 5 globadiers with a mortar, a baseline engineer with a doomrocket, 3 jezzails, and a hell pit abomination on the field. My teammate (the same goblins I fought last time) and I wrongly assumed that our reserves couldn’t come in until the second turn, so that short list is what I would use for my first turn, against a sizable force of chaos warriors.
Ikit didn’t last long – 5 globadiers is hardly an effective bunker – but he did everything he could during his 1 turn. He skitterleapt the engineer to the end of the chaos line to unleash the doomrocket, warp lightninged, storm daemoned, and unleashed his warp fire projector on the charging chaos unit. The warlock put a huge hole in the chaos line with the doomrocket and then just quietly existed for the rest of the game, while the mortar did some solid damage and then brought down on chaos’ first turn (along with the globadiers and Ikit). The jezzails performed pretty decently, benefiting from the close diagonal deployment; they were at half range for pretty much every shot. They were charged by Khorne after a few turns.
The early loss of Ikit Claw was rough on the skaven; even when the rest of the army showed up, they started failing leadership rolls almost immediately. The second globadier unit and one clanrat unit died within a turn, and the death globe warlock got himself killed with a bad throw. The warp lightning cannon performed okay, though, with 2 marvelous shots at strength 8 and 10 respectively. Unfortunately the chimera saved versus the 8 and the 10 dissipated, but it still managed to take out the fleeing remains of a chaos unit, including a nurgle wizard, with the same shot that the chimera saved against.
Flee, chaos, flee!

The abomination was the star of the show again, eating, crushing, and slaughtering left and right for the duration of the game. Admittedly, it also got pretty lucky, as both the chaos unit that charged it and the vargulf that flanked it later whiffed pretty hard on their initial attacks, giving it a bit of a break where its initiative is concerned.
Overall, about as bad a game as I’m really likely to get. In addition to all the 1’s at the beginning, I also misfired several times. There was the warp lightning cannon shot that dissipated, a mortar that wildly missed into a unit of goblin spider riders, the death globe, a warpfire thrower that exploded into a clanrat unit, and some other minor disasters, all in the space of about 3-4 turns. And for all that, an absolute blast. I’m finding skaven ridiculously entertaining.