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Infinity – Adventures in Pinning *and* WIP Isobel Macgregor

Just a quick post tonight, as I need to be up early for work. Did some pinning Sunday night, repairing/reinforcing a couple of infinity miniatures that I’d managed to break the arms off of. The first was a Mormaer, so no big deal. Big chunky shoulder pauldrons means some extra depth where drilling is concerned, so I was able to avoid having to do anything too tricky. Next on my list, however, was the controller from my assault pack, which made me wish I had a smaller drill bit (one of these days…):


I succeeded, but I was *very* concerned about the potential to drill crooked or too far, either of which would have mangled the arm (as you can see in the pictures, the ‘pin’ want much thinner than the arm. I started out just doing one but managed to snap the other off during the process, so I did both.
After the pinning was taken care of, I decided to do a bit of painting (it feels like it’s been ages, probably because it has…) and so I busted out Isobel Macgregor:


As much as I love those plaid pants of hers, I decided to go for a slightly different sort of punk rock vibe. So far, Violet Blue pants, Turquoise shirt with Gunmetal Blue armour plates, and Olive Grey (I think) vest. All Vallejo so far, and I could be wrong on the colour names… I’m not going to go check now. Looking forward to finishing her up at some point, although I definitely need to replace my primary brush, as it’s starting to show its age (and experience).
Anyway, that’s it for now, felt good to get some actual miniatures worked on.