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The Cruenta Campaign I

First couple rounds of the Cruenta campaign will take place in the Grey star system, named for the dying pulsar that is its only light source. I steered the Unyielding towards the second of the planets, an ocean world called Grey II. Strike force alpha landed in a small chain of volcanic islands that once housed sizable mining operations, in an attempt to seize a geological demolitions charge for use later in the campaign. Unfortunately, a rogue faction of Dark Angels and a small detachment of chaos daemons had similar plans. The battle commenced!


Strike force alpha: a master of the forge, an ironclad kitted for assault, 5 tactical marines and 5 scouts. The battle was a bit of a mess; I found myself twice at the mercy of going first and then last on consecutive turns, in one case allowing a unit of plague bearers (?) to deep strike about an inch in front of my ironclad and then assault the following turn… while I sat doing nothing to prevent it. Lame.
The daemons tore through the dark angels pretty handily, seizing one of two objectives; I spent most of the game just trying to survive their assault on the other objective. My master of the forge managed to eliminate 7 bloodletters, a large portion of a plague bearer unit, and some sort of huge daemon cavalry unit. The ironclad feel to the aforementioned assault, and my two 5-man squads took on most of what remained.


This would be my last two scouts winning an assault and killing a Herald in the process. You can see the daemonic cavalry charging in from behind…
At end of game, I successfully contested the second objective with my two surviving tactical marines (the scouts were sadly lost to the cavalry); my master of the forge also survived.


Obligatory terrible shot of the survivors. According to our campaign rules, I was able to grant my surviving units some special rules. Longshot now has Interceptor; Lucky and Wild’s tactical unit has been made Relentless. Let the madness begin.

As I lost, I only earned 1 point towards the campaign, but at least I now have some more experienced units. Plus, 8 did limit the daemons to only 1 geological demolitions charge.

Final thoughts?
That first-goes-last rule hurt me more than any other factor. Hoping we change that.
Almost nobody chose to storm the planet with the best stuff; we all tried to play the sneaky game, targeting ‘lesser’ planets and ending up fighting for mediocre assets. Kinda hilarious, really.
Finally, scouts are pretty great. One of the tau players was giving me flak about using them, but they did amazingly well. It took that heraldic cavalry daemon to knock them down in the end.