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Random Miniature – Shaggy

Finally, my third September miniature, and my entry into the SciFi/Modern painting competition at ThunderCon.

This one was never likely to make the top 3; SciFi/Modern is our toughest competition, but I often like to use these competitions just get some cool miniatures into peoples’ faces.

It’s a pretty simple miniature – not a lot of bells and whistles – but it looks really good. Another brilliant miniature from Hasslefree.

I did have one unfortunate disaster. I was basically done with Shaggy and was working on Qadira when I spilled about a half bottle of Reikland Fleshshade. Shaggy took the brunt of it, and wound up soaked to about the knee.

I used a paper towel to stop the pool from spreading and ran Shaggy down to the bathroom for a quick rinse, which as you might expect did a number on some of the previously applied washes. The figure I just touched up, but the base had been basically finished and I didn’t want to mess up the lower portion of the figure any further, so I didn’t do much recovery on the base. Most of the paint held okay, but I lost some of the deepest shades.

Regardless, I’m endlessly entertained by this miniature, and it got a lot of comments and attention (even if it didn’t win anything). It generated less of discussion, and that’s really the most I can generally hope for is some conversation and newly-sparked interest.


SAGA – Viking Bondi

Short post. This is my first Bondi, all finished up. The clear coat is on there and he was entered into the miniature painting contest at ThunderCon. He didn’t place, which was pretty disappointing as there weren’t very many entries in his category and I thought third place was in reach. Maybe next year.

I’m hoping I get to see the detailed judging results on him, as I’d love to see how close it was. I’m not a big fan of highlighting, which often hurts my chances in competitions, but it would be nice to know what else I should be focusing on for next time.

Bonus? I’m now 12% of the way through painting my SAGA warband. Progress!

Holy cats! I’m painting rats!

After a lengthy painting hiatus, I actually sat down and painted something tonight. I misplaced my parchment and didn’t feel like heading downstairs to get more (I think I’ve mentioned it in the past, but my workdesk is on the third floor), so no wet palette. I only had a little bit of time anyway, so I just did a bit of work on one model – the old school globadier that was in that mess of old metal models that got me started on skaven in the first place. I figured if I just worked on a single model then my paint wouldn’t have time to go super tacky on me.


Just brown and red on in this one

I went with the same red I use for the Unyielding, and then used black to darken up an olive green for the mask and collar. Metal highlights are in what is probably a gold, but which I hope will look brassy once I’ve added a dark wash down the line.


Note the rather fitting bottle of root beer my folks brought back from Minnesota the other day.

I really need some new paints. I’ve got two browns and a couple grays, but they’re all pretty similar and they’re not especially good. Most of what I have came in an Apple brand super pack that I picked up on clearance. You know the kind; about thirty colors in those little plastic tubs. It looks like I’m using a paint by numbers set when I’m working.


The mini on the left is from my copy of hybrid; I’m thinking I’ll use it as a rat ogre.

Anyhoo, time for mad sleeps. Gotta be up at 4. Feels good to be painting again.