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Mordheim – Week 1

The Wayback is back, and it’s taking the form of Mordheim! I’ve set my Dwarf Treasure Hunters aside this season, and have opted to run an Ostlander warband. It’s a little bit of a mess because I’m building around the models I want to use, which is resulting in some largely unimpressive axes and shields, but I’m enjoying the flavour of it all.

Say hello to Clan Spearhavok. The above photo was taken *after* my first game, so it does not include my clan Elder (leader), as he perished as a result of my very first game this season. Yep. Rayle, Breaker of Chains died in glorious single combat against a centaur. My very first post-game included one of my Blood Brothers becoming the new leader. The sassy dwarf’s name is Pip the Slayer, and she’s in charge now.

Other Heroes going into game 2 are Katie the Wolf (sword and long dagger in the front row), Gunnar the Long Fang (not pictured, he would join to fill Pip’s now vacant Blood Brother slot), and my Priest of Taal, Seventh of Dusk’s Talons (the Lord of the Feast miniature from a Hordes army I’ve never really done much with).

Henchmen groups are the Butchers of Ostland (two-handed weapons with wintery bases), the Reeking Mayhem (viking berserkers), the Kodiaks (sword/shield pair), and the Long Death (archers on either side). The rest of the pictures are from the second game.

Gunnar the Long Fang and one of the Butchers of Ostland have just dispatched an enemy after a charge; the Kodiaks duke it out with Mad Dog.

One of the Long Death prepares to take a shot. This first round of shooting resulted in brilliant hits for both members of the Long Death, but they mostly missed in subsequent rounds.

Pip the Slayer leads the second Butcher, Katie the Wolf, and the Reeking Mayhem toward the enemy.

Same crew, different angle. I was planning to finish painting Katie the Wolf the other night, but I ended up basing a bunch of stuff instead (including Katie herself, which would be why the evening went that way, haha).

I managed to fell the Ogre Bodyguard pretty quickly, but the opposing heroes proved to be a much bigger problem. The dice didn’t seem to be much on my side, and despite some valiant efforts made by my warband, I lost soundly.

Seventh of Dusk’s Talons, the Priest of Taal, was the most unfortunate. Never much skilled with a sword, Seventh found himself overwhelmed, suffering a crushed hand, a smashed leg, a chest wound, an old battle wound, and being blinded in one eye. It was determined that perhaps he lacks the will and ability to be the clan’s spiritual support in battle, and he has retired to a less involved role. His apprentice (The Jackal’s Teeth) has replaced him.

No Henchmen were killed, but one was found to show particular promise; Anja Born of Death has left the Butchers of Ostland to lead as a Kin-Hero.

Mordheim – Week 5/8: Magicked by Wood Elves

I was out sick for week 4,but back in action for week 5, up against an unofficial wood elves list. As one might guess, my dwarves had a rough go of it. I think I could have done better with the benefit of hindsight, but winning this one would have been a long shot any day of the week.

I deployed in two melee groups (plus a couple of thunderers up high in a central third area with good sightlines), but this was a straight skirmish with no loot, so I’d have been better off bulking all the melee into one clump. I could have focused my limited strengths a lot better. 

Eventually I was spread really thin with terrible lines on everybody (too close as the crow flies to run, but too far by usable routes to close the gap). Especially at dwarf speed. I will certainly be hoping to avoid elves during the final few sessions. 

Nonetheless, had a lot of fun, and it was my first time playing this particular player; it was nice to finally face off after chatting so many times. I did well of my Wyrdstone rolls, too, so I’m still doing pretty well overall. I think the wood elves are winning, but I’m surprisingly close behind the leaders for somebody that’s almost exclusively lost. Grin. 

Mordheim – Week 3/8: Another struggle, another dead beardling. 

This weekend the Tall Order faced off against some Beastmen Raiders, and it could have gone better. It started well, but was a pretty weird confrontation. They had no ranged attacks but huge charge ranges. I got a few shots in early, but forgot my noble’s BS5 and then had some trouble in close combat. Before long my noble, pit fighter, dog, and the beardlings were all either out or down. A lot more down than out when my turn started, so I opted to retreat.

Before being taken down by a centigor, Rakk of the Long Arm managed one incredible shot…

After my disappointing retreat (I usually push things far beyond any reasonable point), we crunched the numbers and levelled our warbands. It came to our attention that the Beastmen Raiders were almost double my own rating, which made me feel a bit better. Hayl Stormcannon, my engineer, got Eagle Eyes so he should be more effective at shooting in the future, and Shank (my lone surviving Clansman) became a Hero. 

Herring, one of my two beardlings, was killed. 

Mordheim – Week 2/8: The Tall Order Strikes Back! 

Took my Dwarf Treasure Hunters out for another spin last night, and the dice were on *my* side this time around. Faced off against some Middenheimers in a Wyrdstone Hunt and had much better luck, although there’s no ignoring that 3″ movement. The combats certainly went better this time (a lot of whiffing for both of us, but I was able to land a few at least). I grabbed a couple of the closest Wyrdstone shards, but couldn’t beat the Middenheimers to anything in the middle. I caught a couple of them in combat near the middle, but they’d already spirited the Wyrdstone away. 


I didn’t lose anybody this time, which made a tremendous difference in the final Wyrdstone search, so I should be able to hire an extra dwarf or two. I still need to flip through the rules again and get a better feel for the various spending options. Until then! 

Mordheim – Back to the Wayback! 

A year or so ago, I wrote about playing Gorkamorka. It went well, and I ended up winning a very awesome Mordheim warband as a prize. Last year, try as I might, I was unable to make it out to the Mordheim portion of the Wayback, but this year is already better! The first session was Saturday, and I was there with bells on, for two full games; a Skirmish with J’s Sisters of Sigmar and a Wyrdstone Hunt with D’s Cult of the Possessed. And you know what I’ve learned so far? 

Dwarves are *hard*. As I may have written about previously, my one-time regular gaming group and I tried Mordheim on our own a few years back, and I fielded Skaven since that’s what I play in Fantasy (so I have lots of minis already). They were faster than most factions… Dwarf Treasure Hunters are not fast. They are super slow. A full run only nets 6 inches, which means it’s hard to get to the Wyrdstone, it’s almost impossible to effectively set up charges, and I can’t outrun *anything*.

Also, my dice *hated* me, so maybe I have a skewed sense of the difficulty involved. I’m looking forward to next time, but after 2 full games I’m in no better shape than I started (although a little more experienced). The game against the Possessed was particularly rough. I was down a Slayer (healing from a Deep Wound received during my first  battle) so I only had six Dwarfs going in. 5 got taken out, 3 died. It was a rough session. Fortunately the Engineer that *didn’t* get dropped made it out with multiple Wyrdstone markers, so I at least managed to replace the dead, more or less… 

Until next time! 

So little time.

From a glance at my unfinished posts, it’s been a while. October saw the local shop run a Game Expo in conjunction with a local fan convention (ThunderCon and TGG’s Game Expo!). Lots of fun; I ran 2-hour demonstrations of Ticket to Ride, Judge Dredd, Batman, and Infinity, and there were about 10 other tables running different demos as well, introducing all sorts of players to games they’d never played before.
The shop has wrapped up the first season of its Wayback series with the conclusion of its Gorkamorka campaign (I’ve got an unfinished post I’ll put up with a few more details on that) and Mordheim will be starting soon. I’ve also recently scooped up some random fantasy miniatures (originally destined for a Mordheim mercenary warband) and am in the process of diving into Frostgrave. I’ve been messing around a little bit with terrain, but over the past week or so I’ve been doing some painting again.


Possibly an odd choice for a winter setting, but it could be a magic outfit of warmth...


A treasure hunter. Lighter pants might have been an idea. Our maybe I'll just take them all the way to black.


Work in progress. Even more than the others.


Yesterday's adventure in pinning madness.

I actually brought the above into work so I could borrow somebody’s micro bits; my drill bits are all too big. I ended up using a straightened staple for the pin, and it was still a close call getting the bit in without destroying the mini. Pinned at the sword bearing arm’s shoulder, and just above the other hand (the staff’s top is a separate piece). Looks dynamite, but yeesh.
Actual frostgrave commentary will follow in a later post.
Thanks for sticking around, folks!

Mordheim and Infinity!

The last few weekends were brilliantly full of gaming, a couple of infinity battles with the pathfinder gang (sans 1, hence infinity and not pathfinder) on Saturday, and two different battles – one mordheim and one infinity – with the usual suspects on Sunday. Plus some infinity tonight that I probably won’t say much about ’cause I did pretty abysmally.
I’m not entirely sure about the scenario’s official name, but we had to steal a giant’s treasure as he slept. The part of the giant was played by my hell pit abomination, but my skaven still met with mixed results.


I was going second last out of four, so I charged in from my corner as fast as possible, hoping to use my skaven speed to get ahead. Playing on a long table meant that the closest threat was mike’s cult of the possessed. I sent a lone black skaven and some giant rats in that general direction, cutting them off but primarily slowing them down as they couldn’t run once they were within 8 inches of me.


My giant rats did hilariously well, killing a number of cultists and beastmen while severely outmatched, requiring the possessed to hang up on them two and even three on one.


The black skaven tore through just about everything that the giant rats didn’t, at least until my warband was routed. You see, the portion closing on the giant did less well.
Peter’s vampire beat them to the giant, but the giant awoke and pretty much everybody in the vicinity was dragged into combat. My least experienced night runner suffered a vicious chest wound and lost 1 toughness, while my assassin adept (seriously, my warband needs a less accident-prone leader) had both legs smashed and will never run again. 2 of my 3 giant rats were outright killed.
That one black skaven is doing great, though. He now gets 4 attacks in close combat, crits on 5s as well as 6s, and has hatred: possessed. Plus an additional skill he hasn’t selected yet. (And yet he works under a nervous skaven with 2 broken legs. Pretty hard to explain with skaven fluff.)
Probably obvious, but I didn’t win.


Sunday’s infinity game (played immediately after Mordheim) went decently enough. Ariadna/Yu Jing vs Haqqislam/Nomads. We (Ariadna and Yu Jing) ended up spending way more orders dealing with the 4 Haqqislam units than we did with Nomads, as the Nomads weren’t really fielding anything too tricky but Haqqislam once again involved Tarik Mansuri leading a couple of viral Lasiqs. I played a fairly minimal Ariadna list that included 3 Airborne troops (a paracommando and mirage team 5), with only a cateran sniper and a couple line troops starting out on the ground. The Cateran used the first turn to advance into a better position atop the horseman’s deli (the flat top building on the left), only to be shot down by virals during the Haqq/’mads turn. A did the line trooper on the balcony. Leaving my kazak lieutenant and a bunch of AD troops that had to use their Orders to arrive, and then the lieutenant’s non-lieutenant order to accomplish a single to accomplish one order between them. They managed to take out some Haqqislam units, but it wasn’t my best game.

I’m not going to bother describing the Saturday night games, as at this point I can barely remember them. I’ll just throw up a bunch of pictures. Here goes:


Saturday's battleground


My Cateran's sweet field of fire


By a long shot, Duroc's finest moment thus far

That last one was Duroc super jumping onto a wall behind his opponents and thrashing them. Brilliant.

Tonight I fielded the small list full of Airborne again, not because I’d somehow fooled myself into thinking they’d do well, but because I finished painting Mirage Team 5 and wanted to field multiple painted models. I got pretty torn apart again. No pictures.

Tonight’s rules question (really, a verification) involve grenades and launchers. Grenades and Launchers fired against an ARO (or in one) would use face-to-face rolls, correct? They get cancelled if the opposing rolls are better? Feels weird, but I think that’s just because of how my brain sees the fluff of it all.


So last weekend (as in, just over a week ago) the usual group tried out mordheim. Once again all the fuss that were showing up were up for a skirmish game, so since we’d played infinity the previous week we opted to give mordheim a shot. We got a couple of games in, the first being a defend the treasure sort of deal with one player defending against the rest of us, and the second being a wyrdstone snatch and grab with the five of us split into two uneasy alliances.
P brought a vampire and some other undead leading some zombie henchmen.
Z brought five orks.

M brought norsemen. Other M brought a cult of the possessed.
I brought a skaven Warband consisting of 5 heroes and 3 giant rats. We had decided to house rule a starting limit of 5 heroes, even to factions that can usually start with 6.
My first battle went poorly, with my night runner starting on the second floor of a building and falling on his knife attempting to reach the ground floor. Yep, that’s right, the sum total of my night runner’s contribution to that battle was about an inch and a half of horizontal movement, followed by a three inch fall. I quickly got almost everybody else in over their heads, and only my two black skaven managed to do okay. Okay being not dying. And one of them managed to scale a wall and drop a possessed, so that was good.


Cultists allied with the undead. That can't be good...

The second game went a little better. I redistributed my gear a bit (like giving the warplocks to a skaven that is a decent shot…), and leveled up my one successful black skaven beforehand (he became a master of the art of silent death). Where my first game mostly involved me getting knocked around, the second was largely me dominating the cult of the possessed, with a little vampire slaying after the possessed had run off.


The battlefield is overrun with skaven! Marvelous!

By the end of the evening my sorcerer had broken a leg but healed okay, and my assassin adept has developed a nervous condition. Balanced out by my black skaven turning into a skaven superhero, and my sorcerer slowly developing into a murder machine. I just scooped him some fighting claws to go with the black fury that he rolled for his spell. Yes, my wizard is hopefully going to work as a melee specialist.
I got a tiny bit of painting done as well over the last week, so I’ll leave off with a few shots of some infinity priming and the model I’m going to be using from here on out to represent my clawed black skaven.


GL volunteer, HMG mormaer, black skaven

I used brush on primer, which I’m having mixed feelings about, as it really isn’t bonding to the resin bases very well. I did some extra reading and it looks like forge world has at some point recommended using auto primer for resin because it has more solvent in it, and so should provide a better bond. As it stands, the brush on stuff covered everything, but it comes off pretty easy…
And the black skaven:


Hood and gloves are a mix of vallejo red leather and vallejo transparent red


Cloak is varying mixes of folk art black and an apple brand purple


Just a little more detail to go and I'll start adding washes