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Necromunda – We’re back!

I painted!
As we careened into the first covid lockdowns almost two years back, I thought to myself, “wow, I’m going to get *so* many miniatures painted.” But then I couldn’t actually play the games with anybody, and miniatures sorta fell off my plate as a result. So instead of painting so many, I painted nothing. I watched some movies, played some video games, read a bunch of books… But no painting.
I thought about it. Part of me knew I enjoy it and should do it again, but the longer I waited the harder it was to convince myself. My painting space was cluttered, my miniatures were put away… honestly they were all terrible excuses, haha. Not painting was just easier and there was no extra push from their impending use.
But now? Necromunda has started up again! There’s only a few of us and we’re all in masks but – oh! – we’re playing a miniatures game and it feels glorious! And I am fielding some new miniatures, and some totally new units, and they’re in need of paint!

So this week I painted. I started with some brush on primer, just getting a bit of a feel for the brush against some totally unpainted stuff. And then I broke out some paints that were very badly in need of a shaking. The Vallejos are mixing up pretty nicely but the Citadel colours are a real chore so far. Probably doesn’t help that the first one I broke out was Cadian Fleshtone, which I hadn’t used in ages even when I *was* painting regularly. Anyhoo, some works in progress:

Daria the Little Sister (let’s run with House of Blades terminology since that’s what I’m using to play this time). I put fleshtone and nothing else on this a long time ago, so no idea what colour it was, but a Vallejo of some variety. Added some Vermilion Red for the clothing and Charcoal Grey for the hair. The bear is Flat Earth. I feel like I’ve totally forgotten my processes so it’s like I’m starting all over again. Changing colors too frequently and not working on enough miniatures simultaneously, but we’ll get there. Miniature by Hasslefree.

Tisa the Little Sister.
I play Necromunda with a fellow named Rob that is a fantastic painter, and he asked me if he could paint Tisa because he loves the miniature. My immediate thought was ‘no’ because I foolishly think I need to paint everything myself, but then I thought about my mountains of unpainted miniatures and thought better of it. So no paint on Tisa right now, but she’ll eventually be painted (post-campaign) and I’ll post her up then. Figured I’d get the ‘before’ in now. Another Hasslefree mini.

Hundra the Wyld Runner.
Barely started, but I’ll be very impressed if I get this fully painted without breaking it, especially that collar and leash(?) that she’s holding. These new miniatures are gorgeous but I’m very concerned for their survival. This is where I used that Cadian Fleshtone. I actually broke it out to paint some phelynx mouths but I think maybe it’s too light for that. Thinking she’ll get some yellow, but don’t know where yet. An actual official miniature from GW.

Jaeger and Nicodemus, the Phelynxes. Plus one.
More official GW miniatures. So far Hundra is only fielding with two but a third might be in the cards at some point so I’m painting it at the same time. I’ll be honest, at this point in the campaign these things and Hundra are a point sink. I’ve done pretty much nothing with them. I field them, I flub it, they go into recovery. Repeat. They’ve spent half the campaign in recovery, they all have have lasting injuries, and Jaeger would be dead if not for Trixie (more on her later). Mostly I am just really bad at using them (I only sort of understand how to, and in the heat of battle I forget the details of keeping them useful). Here’s hoping a paint job helps!

Trixie the Rogue Doc.
Welcome to hangers-on territory. Another one I started so long ago I don’t know all the colours anymore, but I started adding more detail. Boots, gloves, and belt by Vallejo. I have had really rough luck on the lasting injuries rolls so this was my first hanger-on. She saved a Phelynx one of her first days on the job, and he only lost an eye which was useless to him anyway, so she’s already paid for herself. This one’s from Statuesque.

Vasquez the Ammo-Jack.
Last week I added a Workshop to my territories, which came with an Ammo-Jack. Don’t know if I’ll get around to painting her but she’s at least assembled and primed at this point. She’s an Irmandinho from the Infinity range of anybody’s curious.

Rachael the Shivver.

The last hanger-on. Not sure which mini I’ll use, but leaming towards the Hasslefree one on the right.

And that’s it so far. Obviously that’s not my whole gang, but it’s all I’m working on painting at the moment. Maybe I’ll introduce the rest of The Riot in a follow-up post. More posts would be good, ha.

Frostgrave – Painting some miniatures…

Just some pics of some painting progress. It’s entirely possible that turquoise may be too bright for a necromancer. Time will tell.


She (Who Will Not be Named) WIP


Jaeger WIP


Anja WIP


Unnamed soldier WIP

Infinity – Highlander Cateran WIP

I still can’t believe that tournament report took so long to write up. I’m going to keep this post much shorter.
My Cateran is among the first Infinity models I ever purchased, and I never intended for him to go so long without paint. I think it’s a fantastic miniature, but I always found myself leaving it as I painted other units (usually units with a lot less ‘base’ going on). I’m finally buckling down and making him happen though.



I will definitely be doing some washes and such yet, but for now I’m just happy that I’ve finally done much…


… and that i didn’t completely ruin the tartan, grin.

Foxtrot Ranger, WIP II

So many posts in so little time! I’m my defence, at least one of those was because I posted it as a draft days ago and didn’t realise it until recently (hence the Mighty Empires updates for Maye and Juhn being back to back). Anyhoo…

Still a couple touch ups to be done on the rifle, and the base still needs painting, but I’m feeling good about her. Hopefully the wash process doesn’t ruin everything! Grin.
For those who might be wondering about the amazing paints I use, prepare to be underwhelmed!
Pants – FolkArt olive green
Vest – FolkArt medium grey mixed with some random green (Americana brand, maybe? Definitely in the Michaels clearance aisle)
Flesh – GW Cadian flesh tone
Leather – vallejo red leather
‘Cover sheet’ – FolkArt grey mixed with some GW brown with letters and numbers in the title (X-something?)
Buckles and such – vallejo oily steel and vallejo brass
Oh, and the tattoos are just FolkArt black mixed with that GW cadian. At the risk of sounding like a paint snob of some sort, no Apple brand on this one!
Anyway, let’s finish up with a group shot:


My painted Ariadna army.

Foxtrot Ranger, WIP

I managed to squeeze in a bit of miniatures time in over the last couple evenings, so last night –  after assembling some rats that I’ll be needing in my Mighty Empires lists – I hunkered down with an infinity model. I was initially planning to paint my highlander cateran next, but I just haven’t felt up to all the brickwork, so I opted for different sniper instead… my Foxtrot Ranger.


No stairs, no walls, no brickwork... easy peasy.

Saturday night was pretty much just flesh and pants, and even those needed another coat this evening. Tonight I finished much of the remaining base colours.

With any luck, maybe I’ll get some painting time in tomorrow.

112, Emergency Service doctor, finished!

I have another part in the works regarding actual battles, but I thought I’d toss up a quick update regarding the EMS doctor I’ve been painting for my Ariadna army.


Almost finished.

I tackled the base and some final details last night. Not really any highlights (I rarely bother, light and shadow occur on their own, as far as I’m concerned). I’m pretty concerned about how much bond is – or isn’t – occurring where my primer coat is concerned, as it doesn’t take much to reveal bare metal on hard edges, but I’m hopeful that a clearcoat should take care of preventing that. Just need a beautiful day, now.


So close...

At this point the only real issues I’m seeing are some areas where the ink wash has gone on pretty uneven, and the fact that my yellow and red are clearly way too thick. They felt that way going on, too, I’m just going to need to remember that they need way more thinning than everything else in the future.
The ink wash, on the other hand, I could do a little more about, so I did some light touch ups with the ink and a wet brush to try and downplay the uneven spots and the places where it really drew attention to the thick paint…


... and finished!

The red is my forward arc, slightly offset from the outstretched shotgun towards his face. I also tried to be a lot more controlled where blood and how were concerned, limiting it more to just the axe and a little ground spatter.
Also, the base isn’t perfect, but I’m feeling good about it, as I think it’s my second ever base (the first being a dreadnought disaster that I really just inked like crazy to time down the beach and somebody had glued all over the ‘rocky’ base.
Anyway, that’s my first painted Ariadna unit. More battly goodness to come.

Long time, no see… my hell pit abomination, that is!

That’s right, it’s time for a little change of pace here at rats east. It’s been ages, but I finally did a little painting, making a bit of progress on the hell pit abomination that I haven’t touched in months.


Cleaned up some armour plating...


painted some wood and metal bits...


and I warpstoned up some spikes!

The spikes are just a really bright green over black, the same method as I used when I put warpstone armour on my warlord. The paint is nothing special (apple brand, perhaps?); that’s it brushed onto my workspace in the bottom left of all the photos.
The metal is done with some vallejo ‘oily steel’ that my wife got me for Christmas (first time using it!) and the wood is some gw base colour that sounds like a droid from an old republic game (kv88, maybe? No real idea, really). I’m looking forward to adding some diluted green, along with some other brown shades and some washes, and seeing what kind of effects I can get. Till next time!

My now fully-painted rat ogres unit.

Got a good solid evening of painting in tonight. First off, I finished the aberration that I’ll be fielding as a master-bred rat ogre. As you’ve no doubt noticed in the last couple posts, it’s a pretty crazy looking mini, and I embraced that whole-heartedly. My vampire counts friend, on seeing a photo, suggested that even his vampires would be thrown by the amount of blood. We figure he’s just waded his way through an entire army of high elves. And now that I’ve built it up in your head…


I do sort of wish I’d done a bit more to define the uncovered muscle – maybe by adding sinew or fat – but I’m more than happy with how it turned out. Looks pretty good with the other two rat ogres I finished recently, but only emphasizes how silly my old school rat ogre looks when they’re fielded side by side.


I quickly painted up an old packmaster as well, so I now have a fully painted unit, at least part of which I will probably take into battle tomorrow.


My friend and I have been working on some 40k campaign ideas, and are planning to start that tomorrow, but since it’s an escalation campaign starting at only 500pts, we’re thinking we can probably work in a small fantasy skirmish during the evening as well. More on that later