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Terrain T’ursday! And also EMS 112 progress!

I was trying to decide whether to post my finished Mermaid Tavern when I suddenly realised it’s more or less Thursday, and I haven’t had a Terrain T’ursday in ages.
Tonight I buckled down and finished the dormers and beams on the Mermaid Tavern. It shouldn’t have taken so long, but I have so little hobby time these days that I’ve simply chosen painting each time over terrain. I really want to get some paper ruins built for mordheim, though, so tonight I prioritised terrain, so that I can get this one off the in progress pile (not that we haven’t been using it every week, but it will look a lot sweeter now.



Dormers, dormer roofs, chimney toppers all tonight.



Note the sign and support beams. Those happened tonight.


I also added a few small squares of felt to the underside, to hopefully keep it from spinning in place (the foamcore has taken on quite a warp…). I’ll have to see how that goes next time we play something (we played infinity and mordheim this weekend, but I’ll post about that later).
Finally, I made some further progress on my Ariadna doctor for infinity:


Unti next time!

The Mermaid Tavern – WIP

I’ve been thinking I need to post something (still have a pathfinder game and a warhammer fantasy battle to write about) and I just realised it’s Thursday, so I’m going to go with a terrain update.


I’ve actually made significantly more progress than this, but any photos will have to wait; I’m exhausted. At least it gives you an idea.

Terrain T’ursday! Again!

‘Cause why not?
Tonight I started to work on the Mermaid Tavern, the next Dave Graffam model on my to-do list.

After finishing the West Gate, I’m excited to do another building, and the Mermaid Tavern looked simultaneously interesting and manageable. A fair number of fiddly bits while still being a closed building (I also got some ruins printed, which have insides and outsides, and load bearing posts).


Fun fact: the Mermaid Tavern is a 7 page pdf file, the same length as the West Gate. That means that this building will also have a final cost to me of about $4.


I didn’t have much time tonight, so while I cut most of the pieces out, I did not have time to assemble the tavern. I wanted to finish something though, and fortunately the Mermaid comes with an outhouse that sits behind the building on the same base. So I assembled that.


Pretty thrilling stuff. Hopefully I can get the actual Tavern put together tomorrow night.

The West Gate – paper terrain update

Last night I sat down with the West Gate, one of the 28mm paper buildings I recently purchased during Dave Graffam‘s recent $1 sale. I paid to have the model printed at the local Staples location, as I a) had a coupon, and b) am not really going to do a whole lot better printing at home, price-wise. 69c a page got me color laser on 100lb cardstock, and the coupon save3ds about 30% on top of that. Total material cost: about $4, including the pdf from Dave’s and all applicable taxes. So we’re off to a good start.
The first image is an in-progress shot, the second includes the balcony and chimneys.

Stuff I liked:
– Cost, obviously. This is a pretty fantastic building for what it cost me.
– Appearance. The textures are good. I haven’t done any edging yet, but even without, it looks pretty clean. And an impressive 3-dimensional feel for a bunch of sheets of paper.

Tricky bits:
– The balconies are super precise. You’re essentially building boards out of paper, so if any fold is not totally straight and parallel, they’ll end up warped and hard to piece together. I’ll take more time the next time I’m doing stuff like that. The easy answer would be to ignore the balconies completely, but I want to use a lot of these buildings for potential mordheim games, so upper level gimmickry could be invaluable in the long run.
– When picking which layers to keep on the pdf, I nixed a door I probably should have kept and kept one I could have nixed, leaving me with an odd setup. Mostly it was the result of not taking enough time beforehand, figuring out which walls would be where.

Overall, it’s a pretty solid model that was fun to build. I have some doubts about the survivability of the longer roof section – it isn’t as thoroughly connected to the walls as in some other Graffam models I’ve done – but time will tell; it certainly isn’t falling apart or anything, and may hold up well.


Action shot! Master-bred rat ogre approaching through the gate, and a globadier lobbing a poisoned wind globe off the balcony.

Paper Terrain Sale!

Hot dang! For those of you that have been following this blog for a while,  you’ll be aware of my efforts involving paper buildings and terrain.
The free models I was most impressed with were samples from Dave Graffam models; in fact I was so impressed that I was planning to actually buy a couple some day.
Well, folks, that day is today, because all of Dave’s models are on sale today for only a buck apiece! davesgames.net

How do they look? Well, here’s the free samples I built a while back: