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Infinity – Building Ariadna: Blackjack WIP, Desperado #2, some Grunts, and more!

This guy consists of some *very* big chunks of metal. There is definitely some pinning involved in this, and i’m leaving some parts off for now.There are front and back armour ‘plates’ that will get added later but i’m holding off as there are some large paintable details on the back side of those. I’m sure this thing will be awkward enough to paint as it is. That right arm with the guns is big enough that I can barely place that back armour plate as it is.

The pieces for this desperado were trimmed and cleaned up about the same time as the other one; he’s just been sitting in a box waiting for me to be in the mood. That finally happened the last week. A while back, my youngest son found his way into my workspace, and managed to knock a whole bunch of prepped and cleaned – but unassembled – infinity miniatures onto the floor. 2 grunts, this desperado, the dismounted maverick, and a couple others. Between one of those mottled rugs that hide everything you spill on them, loose hardwood flooring with very wide cracks, and the space just generally being overpacked with random hobby stuff, it took me a long while to find everything… almost everything. One Grunt arm stayed missing. This was probably a year or more ago now.

Recently I was tidying up some of the random pile of hobby junk, and decided to really search every square inch of the space in the hopes of turning up that arm. At one point I reached into a bag of Atari cartridges and similar stuff and pulled out a plastic bag full of 72-pin connectors and other loose NES parts. I emptied the bag, but didn’t see anything. This is the part where my desperation really began to show; I reached in and pushed out the corners of the bag, and broke out my flashlight… and there it was! The missing arm!

The downside of this discovery is that I promptly abandoned by cleaning efforts, but I was also overcome with the desire to build infinity models so I’m calling it an overall win (and thus began sudden burst of assembling unbuilt models).

There’s a fair but of pinning in this one, although less than my previous Desperado (I’m giving the gorilla glue a little more credit these days, now that I’ve got more use under my belt). The big example is the exhaust. I have no idea how anybody thinks that thing will stay on without some serious help, so it’s pinned at the tire edge. Pretty sure I also pinned that little crosspiece that runs through the bottom of the bike (little footpedal things? I’m obviously a real bike expert…); it seems like something that shouldn’t need pinning, but it’s just a little too loose in that hole and doesn’t want to stay where it belongs. I had the same experience with the first one, months ago.

There’s also a pin in his butt, that’s not currently glued into the seat, so that I can more easily paint him separately and attach him later.

Some of these are less in focus than others, but there you have it. My first Infinity building blast in a while, including my Outrage sniper whose name starts with a K. Can I just say I really enjoy how Infinity miniature generally piece together really well? I think I take it for granted sometimes, but the whole process just goes so much smoother than with some other stuff. More on that when I eventually get around to telling you about my recent Freebooter pickups.

Welcome to fancytown! Population: infinity.

I decided, while waiting for my infinity order to arrive, that a skirmish game would be the ideal opportunity to try out some resin bases. So I picked some up, and today I re-based my Ariadna demo squad.


all your base are belong to us?

The bases are from dark art miniatures (one of the ‘urban’ sets), and the units are 2x line kazaks a veteran kazak, and a chasseur. So. A step by step…


Off her slot tab


Tetanus shot, anybody?

I tried a little trick here that I saw on another blog this morning, dabbing the pins certainly helped. About halfway through I realised that I should really shift/bend the pins so that they’re perpendicular to the model’s ‘ground ‘.
The next three definitely slid in much more easily.


Go take out that ninja!

Tricky bits? As I mentioned straightening the pins makes them slide into the base more easily, it also increases the blob of paint’s accuracy. I also occasionally found myself wishing for heroic scale models, because some of these had some really tiny feet.


You won't feel a thing!

Well, I’m falling asleep, so I’m gonna crash now. Overall, a great experience, and I’m happy with the results.

Preparing for War! Experiments in Pinning, and a Mostly Painted Globadier

Last night I fought my fourth warhammer fantasy battle (more on that later), so I used my little guy’s nap time to repair and prep some of my models. My friend got himself a zombie dragon, so we decided to go big so he could try it out. 2500pts each in a three player scenario, high elves vs skaven vs vampire counts. 2500pts many I had to proxy a few units (mostly just bulking the units up; I only had to build one from scratch and that’s because it’s still in the mail, but because I don’t own it).
The main items in the list were re-repairing an old rat ogre and my screaming bell. I’d repaired both before, but they’re both metal, heavy, and keep falling apart at the slightest provocation.
Rat ogre first. Decided it was time to try pinning something. Thus far I’ve always been able to get away with just glue in metal models, but the rat ogre just wasn’t holding together in a permanent way. Being a super-expert modeler with plenty of professional type gear *cough*, I managed to dig up a 1/16 drill bit and some wire of about the appropriate gauge.


Yep. Like the stuff you’ve probably got running through parts of your house. Grin.
I put a thick but small dot of wet paint on the rat ogre’s lower half and placed the upper half where I wanted it. The paint transferred and I now knew where to drill my holes. Next I used my fingers and the bit to drill out the holes (I can see why people invest in small drills and/or bit holders) and cut an appropriate length of wire. Superglued it into one piece, and then into the other. Tada! One significantly sturdier rat ogre:


The screaming bell was next on my list. I used a blade to cut away a bunch of old superglue, and this time glued the bell into place as well. It won’t swing now, but it never had the room to swing very well anyway, so it’s not much of a loss, there. I also added a pin to the grey seer, as the original had been filed off by the previous owner; mr grey seer should now stand solidly atop the cart:


Looks like you can see the afternoon’s other project in the background of that last shot. I more or less finished painting my poisoned wind bombadier.


No highlights or anything yet, I think I might try doing that stuff after putting a wash on it. For now, though, I consider him painted. I decided to make him the bombadier because he’s my odd model out – all my other globadiers are the newer versions – and I figured that would make him stand out. Rather hilariously, though, when I fielded him last night it became all too clear that 40k terminators aren’t the only gw model to suffer from scale creep.


The height is actually fairly close, but that seems to be mostly the result of the new models being a bit more hunched; everything about them is significantly bigger.

I did say I’d mention the actual battle, so here goes. I do not have the models to field 2500pts with any synergy. Mostly I had a bunch of units running around doing their own thing. Some stuff went well, some didn’t, and the scenario out me in the middle between the other two armies. It was rough going from the beginning.


This is after the first turn. I’m the last stand style clump in the middle, if you ignore the Elven cavalry and the dragon that have already successfully charged my poor globadiers.
All things considered, though, could have gone way worse. We played to the end of turn 4, and I still had a couple units left. The screaming bell disappointed me big time, although it’s unbreakable nature was very helpful. I can see using it again, but it wouldn’t be a given. The warp lightning cannon destroyed itself, but not before impressing me, and I’m thinking I might need a couple more of those.


Really, it was my bad luck to be stuck in the middle, I really had neither the army nor the experience to turn that too my favour, but we had a lot of fun. I also really need to keep my skaven a little closer together, our at least be aware of their leadership bonuses, because I lost almost every unit to breaking.

Not the globadiers, though. Between the cavalry and the dragon, they we’re wiped out fighting to the last rat.