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I die.

Well, it was bound to happen eventually; Rock was killed in battle, as he approached level 10.

We left the plateau and continued up the stairs, until we approached another plateau, and were attacked by three boulder throwing hill giants. I rushed in, and put one in a hold, immediately after which a sorceress and a heavily armoured super giant came up behind us. Black tentacles were summoned from beneath our party by the sorceress, and I was suddenly the only one not trapped. I proceeded to pin and kill the giant I’d rushed, then leapt down to attempt to deal with the new giant with the impressive stone crown.

Turns out he got a +28 bonus to hit on his first of 3 attacks each turn, so I was hit 3 times for a total of 74 damage the very first turn I was in melee. my temporary AC of 29 just wasn’t cutting it, apparently. The sorceress demanded our runeshards, but i refused, threatening to destroy them before I’d give them up! Our cleric gave me a slight healing boost while I burned some ki and made use of our cleric’s fervour spell to get my AC up to 35 by the next turn (I didn’t know about the +28 at this point), hoping that would be enough to keep me safe for another turn or two. As I’m sure you can guess, it wasn’t. I was hit once for 46 and that was all she wrote. Rock was demolished by the Storval King’s mighty warhammer.

We were seriously expecting a total party kill, but the fight continued. Eventually everybody managed to break free of the tentacles, reclaim my handy haversack, and then destroy them both, discovering on one of the bodies a scroll of resurrection! While I wasn’t the first to have died, I was the most recent, and my party decided to bring me back almost immediately. We then explored a massive temple, found a couple more shards, some sort of teleportation chamber, and a dead chamber full of skeletons and magic sustenance. Pretty sweet.

Today’s lesson? I’d probably better start working on a secondary character. Or better yet, start focusing on secondary threats. I’m just not powerful enough to exceed at melee with most of our foes these days (in the last three sessions, we’ve fought a tyrannosaur (monstrous!), several hill giants (quantity!), a flock (?) of harpies (flying!) and now a super doom giant (can’t miss, huge damage, ungrappleable!) backed by a sorceress (magics!), and I have no ranged ability whatsoever. The stuff I can hold my own against I tend to be able to dominate, but the rest is just overwhelming. We’ll see.