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Opposite day!

Warhammer fantasy tonight, and I took what the internet would call a bad army. No skavenslaves, no clan rats, just a monster, some beefed stormvermin, and a few jezzails to eat up my remaining points. The internet in my experience, would see that as pretty terrible, but it served me great tonight!
5 player team game; Daemons/goblins vs ogres/vampire counts/skaven. 3000pts per side. I brought Queek Headtaker, 29 upgraded stormvermin with a mortar team, and a hell pit abomination. 3 jezzails burned up my leftover points (they didn’t accomplish much, but they did okay) for a final total of 994.


Just some shots of the game progressing.

They went first, and I triggered my storm banner. It only lasted for their player turn, but probably saved a lot of our units. I had a bit of bad luck with my own shooting, but mostly everything went great. My abomination swept through some trolls and a skull cannon and my mortar successfully gassed a daemon prince a couple of times.


Queek’s bodyguard stormed through a raging torrent to attack some daemon infantry. His challenge resulted in a dead herald of khorne after two rounds of combat, and his stormvermin took care of the rest.


The end game.

End result was a solid win for us (once we took the middle of the battlefield, it was more or less a mop up operation). I did probably the best I’ve ever done. I only lost 75 points.


At the end, I’d only lost 5 stormvermin and a jezzail…

The jezzail died to his own unstable ammunition, and 3 of the 5 stormvermin died fording the river.

Anyway, a great time had by all, a solid game, and a stormvermin unit I hope to field many more times. The rats will thrive.