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Necromunda 17 – Jane the Whirlwind

Well, I have made good on my promise and finished painting Jane in recognition of her Pitfight win on the 8th.

We’re mostly just talking about some drybrushing and base work at this stage; most of the primary painting effort was done when I posted last week.

I like a lot of things about these Raging Heroes miniatures, but I do have a couple minor complaints. There a lot of low-relief detail that’s hard to pick out until after it’s been painted, and that sword, oof. Super crooked and twisty on arrival. It’s resin, so that’s sorta expected and it was pretty easy to reshape with hot water, but I never really felt like I got it perfect. Even after straightening, it feels a bit shifty.

Necromunda 17 – Jane the Whirlwind and ‘Mittens’ WIP 1

I recently fielded a long-primed but as-yet-unpainted Raging Heroes miniature in a multiplayer Necromunda scenario. I told my friends/opponents that if she came through and won the event, that Jane the Whirlwind would get painted before the next session in a couple weeks. I haven’t painted in a while, so this was a good opportunity to put myself on the hook, and sure enough she triumphed.

So here I am painting her up. I feel super out of practice (I haven’t really painted anything since my Saga vikings a while back) but it feels good.

Evening #1 was mostly just a few base colours, trying to get a feel for where I’d be heading, plus I put some grit down on the base. That particular jar of gritty stuff is getting a bit dry, but I’ve got a fresh one waiting in the wings. At this point I’m already noticing I didn’t clean this miniature up much, but I don’t want to start over. I’ll just have to pay better attention in the future. It would have been easy to get these mold lines off, but I’ve been picking away at this mini over so long that I think I just missed that step.

Evening #2. I’m not entirely sure I like the hair, but again, I don’t dislike it enough to set myself back. At least hree variations on brownish added, plus I blacked the parts I’d potentially be putting metallics on.

Evening #3. Washes, details, metallics, and a nice crackly power sword blade. Hopefully tomorrow I can finish her up and get started painting Mittens.

Right, Mittens. I put an Ambot in my necromunda gang, so that will probably be the next thing to get painted. For now, I spent a couple evenings putting him together before painting up Jane the Whirlwind.

There are a ridiculous number of nooks and crannies in this fellow so I’m sure parts of him won’t get much paint, but hopefully I can make him look pretty cool. Thinking I’ll mix a few colour schemes to suggest some donor parts, and maybe some rust effects. Nothing so intense as my Gaslands cars, just enough to make it look like it’s done some time in the bowels of the underhive.

Mittens feels like a pet’s name while referencing his ‘hands’; it was just a funny idea at first but it’s grown on me significantly. I’ll keep you posted!

Necromunda: Meet the Saxon Violets! Helena ‘Helkat’ Katzenjammer


Name: Helena ‘Helkat’ Katzenjammer
Rank: Heavy
Primary Weapon(s): Heavy Stubber
Current Miniature: One Shot Blondie, by Raging Heroes.
Why she’s featured: I painted her tonight.
Notes: I am thus far not very good with Helkat. I leave her out in the open, I forget she can’t move *and* shoot, I set her up poorly… Hopefully I can get the hang of her soon. She has avoided getting taken out, but hasn’t been doing nearly enough to earn her cut.
As per usual, I am hoping that being painted will make all the difference for her, and am looking forward to the next session in a couple weeks (I was unable to attend tonight).

Necromunda: Meet the Saxon Violets! Eva Destruction

As previously mentioned, I recently had my first game of Necromunda, and a definite MVP (MVG?) made herself known to her rivals in the Legion of Doom.


Name: Eva Destruction
Rank: Heavy
Primary Weapon(s): Flame
Current Miniature: Yoko the Psycho, by Raging Heroes.
Why she’s featured:
With only one Gang Fight under her belt, Eva has already begun to make a name for herself among the gangs of Port Thunder. During the Saxon Violets’ first run in with the Goliaths of the Legion of Doom, she stepped out onto a balcony and unleashed a torrent of fire into the street below, where she took the Goliath leader out of the fight and set two gangers on fire. This pretty directly prompted the bottling of the Legion of Doom, and thus victory for the Saxon Violets.
Notes: Eva is obviously not painted yet, but how was assembly? A little tricky, certainly, but not unreasonable, especially once I realized the rear side of her flamethrower is molded to fit snugly against her body (until that realization, the fact that both arms were unattached seemed insane). Since that join takes all of the strain off the arms I opted to pin it, just to be on the safe side. Her left arm also got a short pin inserted, although it is much less obvious. I’m basing via the same methods I usually use for infinity, but have opted for some ‘lava’ bases I had lying around. Clipped the slotta base down to a pair of pins, drilled a couple holes in the resin base, and voila!  I’m going to try and make them look sludgy and wet for an underhive feel; we’ll see how that goes as I progress!