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Infinity – Spetsnaz Sniper and Shotgun complete

All done, looking pretty good…


I used a Vallejo Sepia ink on the sniper, which was darker and browner than expected. It came out okay, but it’s dark enough that it really toned down the green in the green-black I used for the uniform. It prompted me to use the GW reikland fleshshade wash on the shotgun unit instead. I’d just fine with too dark a colours to make good use of a dark ink at my skill level, I think.

Infinity – Spetsnaz Sniper WIP I

The goggles on this guy made me want to go for a kerberos panzer cop sort of vibe, but once I had a solid bad coast in it I thought all black on black on black would be a bit of a cop-out.


So, I’m using very dark colours and trying for a similar feel…


I mixed some black into done olive green, used gunmetal blue anywhere I’d usually use brighter metallic colours, and mixed some oily steel into the dark olive where I needed a slight change in feel. Definitely going to take the metallic olive of the knee armour, but otherwise I’m liking it so far…