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A tiny little bit of Will Ferguson

Today in my break I picked up Will Ferguson’s beauty tips from Moosejaw, and found myself skimming through a few pages about thunder bay. The result? I feel like he didn’t do a whole lot of research. He talks about the amalgamation of the two cities into one, demonstrates some knowledge of the bureaucratic nature of the union, but then stated “how the merger of two cities could result in streets with three names is something I never figured out”.
Which leaves me feeling like he didn’t look into it all that seriously. So here’s the answer, Mr Ferguson:
Fort William and Port Arthur were two cities with a bitter rivalry (it’s been over 40 years and there are still folks from Port Arthur upset that Fort William’s city hall became Thunder Bay’s city hall), and they were a few kilometres apart when they were forced to amalgamate. Neither side was going to let the other claim the middle, hence the third street name (as well as the refusal to rename their own streets to match).
And that’s the whole answer. Not super complicated, and something any local over 50 could have pointed out if asked. Heck, I was born ten years after the amalgamation, and I’ve known since I was a kid.
It also explains why the intercity region is so industrial, they had a huge swath of less than ideal land to fill up.
So there’s today’s fun facts. Next post will probably be warhammer.