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Covert Uxia McNeill – Complete!

Yep, I’m just going like a madman lately. M is due any minute now, so I’ve been home more than usual, and I’ve been particularly focused on painting because it’s likely going to come to a screeching halt when we suddenly have two kids in the house.
But you’re here for the paint job, right?

I ended up deciding that the turquoise streak looked too wrong in a braid, so I opted for just doing all of her hair. A little dash of colour. She is also painted almost entirely with vallejo colours, as I’m really liking their paints (this is probably the first time I haven’t used GW’s ‘cadian flesh tone’ for human skin).
I desperately need a new detail brush; this one’s just about toast.
And before I go, preview!


Coming soon, my t2 mormaer!

Now, though, time for sleep. Need to be relatively rested this week in case baby makes his move…

Covert Uxia McNeill – WIP I

Watched a couple of the early x-men films with M last night, which gave me some more painting time. A little less ideal than my usual workspace, but workable; I set up on H’s table (he uses it for colouring, puzzles, and so on). A little low, but I was sitting on a couch so it worked out as well as I think I could hope for.
Anyway, I got the arc of fire painted onto my Caledonian Volunteer, and made lots of progress on Uxia; she’s pretty close to finished now:


Thursday and Saturday night progress (worked an FNM Friday)

At this point, I’ve just got a couple of minor touch ups to do, and then the wash. Multiple washes, probably, since I don’t want the armour to look too rusty. So either specific washes for different parts of the model, or I’m going to need to do a much thinner wash in some places. Guess we’ll see what happens.
Threw a turquoise streak into her hair for kicks, may just colour all of it (the streak looks odder than expected in a braid)…