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Necromunda: Meet the Saxon Violets! Eva Destruction

As previously mentioned, I recently had my first game of Necromunda, and a definite MVP (MVG?) made herself known to her rivals in the Legion of Doom.


Name: Eva Destruction
Rank: Heavy
Primary Weapon(s): Flame
Current Miniature: Yoko the Psycho, by Raging Heroes.
Why she’s featured:
With only one Gang Fight under her belt, Eva has already begun to make a name for herself among the gangs of Port Thunder. During the Saxon Violets’ first run in with the Goliaths of the Legion of Doom, she stepped out onto a balcony and unleashed a torrent of fire into the street below, where she took the Goliath leader out of the fight and set two gangers on fire. This pretty directly prompted the bottling of the Legion of Doom, and thus victory for the Saxon Violets.
Notes: Eva is obviously not painted yet, but how was assembly? A little tricky, certainly, but not unreasonable, especially once I realized the rear side of her flamethrower is molded to fit snugly against her body (until that realization, the fact that both arms were unattached seemed insane). Since that join takes all of the strain off the arms I opted to pin it, just to be on the safe side. Her left arm also got a short pin inserted, although it is much less obvious. I’m basing via the same methods I usually use for infinity, but have opted for some ‘lava’ bases I had lying around. Clipped the slotta base down to a pair of pins, drilled a couple holes in the resin base, and voila!  I’m going to try and make them look sludgy and wet for an underhive feel; we’ll see how that goes as I progress!