Rats East!

I love gaming, but I got into it pretty late. I have to wonder what would have been different if I’d had an older brother into miniatures, or a bunch of friends playing dungeons and dragons when it first came out. Would I be closer now to the roommate that played 40k when I used to live with him? Would I have been able to campaign beyond 6th level before life got in the way and dragged the group apart (I have yet to make 10th level in any pen and paper rpg)? Would I have just been able to enjoy these things back when I had time to enjoy them?

I’ve newly become a father, and I honestly can’t wait to be able to share these things with my son. To let him imagine a magical quest or cyberpunk adventure. To cooperatively defeat ultimate evil. To paint space marines instead of cars. We’ll see. For now, I’m just catching up on all the great stuff I missed whenI was a kid and didn’t know what was out there.


  1. wazzashobbies

    I agree completely! I did the model cars/boats/planes growing up, and it wasn’t until my University days that I quite literally stumbled across a Games Workshop store and have been going ever since!

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