Book – The Face in the Frost

… another post I started ages ago and just never got around to finishing. The random situations that I love to see popping up in Frostgrave are sort of making me want to read this again. Which in turn made me want to finish this post. Win-win !

Just reread John Bellairs’ Face in the Frost, and felt like mentioning it on here, since it’s brilliant. John Bellairs is most well known for the Gothic horror books he wrote for kids (I devoured them as a child), such as The Letter, the Witch, and the Ring, and The House with a Clock In its Walls.
The Face in the Frost is not one of these. A fantasy novel aimed at adult audiences, it manages to be simultaneously dark and whimsical, giving both horror and humour ample opportunities to shine. I’m sure it doesn’t appeal to everybody, but if certainly recommend it to anybody. It follows two wizards, Prospero (but not the one you’re thinking of) and Bacon (exactly the one you’re thinking of, unless you’re thinking of Francis), as they notice things going wrong in the world and set out to make things right. Funny and anachronistic, they are wizards in the vein of Disney’s Merlin or the lesser-known Tolkiens, in a patchwork world of political chaos, magical mayhem, and ancient evils.
Menace and whimsy hand in hand, The Face in the Frost is a book I can see myself continuing to reread every few years.


  1. Jodene

    Leave it to me to open up your website and the first post I read is a book review. ๐Ÿ™‚ You did an awesome job tonight Dahl and I was super impressed by your passion and the gorgeous painting you’ve done on your miniatures! – Jodene

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