Antaro Chronus, WIP


So I think I can safely say this is going to be among my most precise paint jobs. First time I ever painted before assembly. Still working on ‘tanked’ Chronus, but standing Chronus is almost finished. Just need to add my usual dark wash and he’ll be ready to field.


I managed to carve the hatches off one of my pintles (or is the pintle the hardpoint that the gun is mounted on?), so once that’s painted up I can assemble the tanked version. Still need to paint that head, too. Finally another opportunity to use my flesh-coloured paints. Fancytime!


Fluff-wise,  I didn’t feel like removing all the ultramarines logos, so I’m going to consider this tank commander to be a lost former ultramarine (perhaps trained under Chronus at some point or something?) that has since been picked up/rescued by the Unyielding. He’s changed his armour colours to reflect his new chapter while keeping the old chapter symbols in respect to his roots.
Or something like that. My grasp of the official fluff is pretty weak, to be honest, so maybe that wouldn’t even be possible…

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